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Re: ISV valve-OK, not OK

Myke456 wrote:
> Symptoms (87 5kcsTQ):
> Idle slightly high, 1k when warm.
> Revs "hang" for a second before dropping during norm driving/shifting.
> Removed ISV, sprayed carb cleaner etc.......
The cleaning process you used only affects the moving "vane" of the
valve, which  is actually located in the vaccuum path. I have
dissasembled the ISV by cutting the "crimping" utilizing a "dremel"
(moto-tool)and previously marking clearly the relative position of the
two halves of the housing (must be reassembled in the same exact
position). This gives access to a small electric motor (which only turns
a portion of a full turn), whose collector is usually covered with
carbon or spark residue due to its hours of work. This collector
(commutator) works with three contact points (as opposed to brushes)Both
cllector and points need to be carefully cleaned. After cleaning, the
control current "torques" the little motor to the proper, stable
position against the torque spring tension. This remedy will stabilize
your idle, provided all other elements are Ok. specially the electrical
and adjustment condition of the IDLE SWITCH.