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Re: A4 nits (was Re: 98 Passat Wagon - Helicopter mode)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Steve Manning say:

> At 05:53 PM 5/20/98 -0400, Robert Houk wrote:
> >override for most of the operations like which vents, fan speed, and
> >so on (although *why* does the fan speed keep changing even after I
> >put it in manual mode?????)
> Actually I think this is one of the really nice features of the A4 climate
> control...when you manually change the speed of the fan, you are setting a
> *relative* speed, not an absolute.  So if the climate control decides that
> the fan speed should be '8', and you set it down one notch to '7', it
> doesn't stay forever on '7'.  Instead it subtracts '1' from every fan speed
> it wants to set.  So if it decides the fan speed should be '5', it
> subtracts '1' and makes it '4'.  Sounds a little weird until you use it,
> then you love it.  Makes the auto climate control on the 200 with its lousy
> manual fan speed setting of either 'waft' or 'gale' seem really primitive.


I have been noticing this on my A6. If I set "manual" fan speed to
3 or 4 (for example, if temp is "LO"), then setting a new temp
makes the fan adjust accordingly. It seems VERY nice, way above
having LOW/AUTO/TORNADO settings like in the 100 and 90.

I just wish there were an easier way to turn it off completely.


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