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RE: 85 UrQ Whacked by SUV

This might be picking a nit - but I'm up for it! The ur-q fender material is 100% sheet metal. The front and rear valences (air dams) are composite (plastic). The valences cover small portions of the fenders and this could be easily confused by those not familiar with the way the ur-q bolts together. This is actually an excellent feature, especially in the rear, as the composite valence will not rust away like sheet metal after the paint and galvi have been sandblasted away by the tahrs and general road deritus and debris. I've had the front fender area immediately behind the front wheels painted twice over 200,000+ miles. Last time I had clear stone-guard installed and this has worked very well. I will apply stone-guard to the lower leading edges of the doors and possibly the leading edge of the hood if I ever have them re-painted. No worries like this behind the rear wheels due to the composite rear valence taking the sand-blasting punishment.


> Are the ur-Q fenders made of fiberglass? I assumed
> they were hand-made, not mass-manufactured, but I
> thought they were hand-pounded sheet metal...