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Re: 85 UrQ whack

Dear William,

Not sure if Jim Haseltine has got in touch with you but his UrQ has a rusty
seam under the carpet at the back of the car that _I think_ he thinks may have 
been the result of accident damage. Pull up the carpet in the boot and check 
the seams there for any signs of damage, even little cracks.

On a related note, I have just had 200 quids worth of welding done to my
left front turret. The seam had rusted through all the way to the chassis rail.
When I bought the car before Christmas, I asked the previous owner if the
peeling paint in this area was anything to worry about, he (the manager of the
local main dealers body shop no less) said there wasn't. On getting the car
back from the repairs, the guy who did it reckoned it had had a whack on that
side, this makes sense NOW cos the light on that side is not original either.
I reckon the paint cracked at the time of the accident and water got into the
seam and rotted it all through. That's the last time I take anyones word on 
buying a car. He was also an ex tech advisor to the UKQOC....... sheesh.

Hope all is well under that carpet!!


84 80 quattro.