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Re: 98 Passat Wagon - Helicopter mode

I will add to this thread despite being perhaps a bit late. I have never
experienced this thrumming noise in any type 44 chassis car or in a 4kq. This
problem was one I took serious issue with when I bought a new 80q back in
1988. I felt (living in a town where sunroof open is a daily thing) it was a
design issue with the wind deflector. The reason I felt this way is in my 88
80q I could apply pressure on the wind deflector and make the noise stop. At
one point Audi's zone service rep agreed and they did replace the wind
deflector. Of course to finaly shut me up, they just copped out and said drive
with the rear windows cracked if I don't like the noise (on my car, it was
really bad...headache material for sure). Audi's excuse was that the car was
very aerodynamic...my come back to them was "well, so is my 87 5ktq wagon and
it doesn't do this" to which they had no reply. I am really amazed this is
still an issue a decade later. My wordy .02 on this one...

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (no helicopter noises...some other ones though ;-)...)