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RE: Ur-q fuel system troubles

It looks like you got a couple of excellent sets of suggestions.  While I
have yet to deal with Control Pressure Reulator (AKA Warm-up regulator)
problems, I will offer a loud AMEN to the grounding issues.  In addition to
the grounds that Robert suggested reviewing ( I actually sanded off some
paint around the bolt hole, installed a star washer and applied insulating
grease to keep everything clean on my "spiders") I have two more ... one
being the ECU's ground wire that attaches to the back of the intake
manifold, and the braided ground wire that attaches the engine block to the
body, located near the left side motor mount.  Another thing you might want
to try on your hot start problem is to _unplug_ either the hot-start pulse
relay or the electrical connectors to the cold start injector.  My car used
to flood with all the extra fuel on hot starts.  

Based on your starting and power loss symptoms, I'm thinking that the ground
work will get you going ... but also make sure that your battery voltage is
good too.  

If you haven't purchased a fuel pressure gauge with the valve to allow
testing of control and system pressure as well as a meter that is able to
display duty cycle do so ASAP ... owning a QTC you'll be glad you did.  You
also should get a hold of Audi's Introductory Service Training and
Maintenance and Adjustments handbooks for the car ...

It may be too late for your holiday trip, but I hope that you do have a
pleasant holiday!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> Hi, I posted about this a couple of days ago but got no responses so I
> thought
> I'd try again with some new information. My Urq is running very lean. It
> doesn't like to start very much when it's cold and really doesn't start
> very
> much when it's hot. Power is also greatly diminished, although at certain
> times the power comes back for a little while and then goes away again.
> What
> does this sound like? System or differential pressure regulators? Pump?
> Check