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Re: please help

John Ackert wrote:

> please help me sell my '93 corrado. most of the general public have no
> idea what kind of car this is! if you have any friends in the southern
> Ontario market please inform them that a perfectly used corrado is on
> the market, an Alpine White VR6 in perfect running order! This car had
> to be sacrificed so that my wife could have her much wanted Ford
> Windstar to transport the grand kids. I hate all that kid-juice in my
> Audi S4. If you have any freinds that envy your car and want something
> similar please let them know that this is available.
> The car is in Lindsay at Polito Lincoln Mercury in Lindsay at 705 324
> 5921 collect. Ask for Anthony. Se the ad in the classifieds,
> Thanx, John

Corrado, Shmelado. Dump it!