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Re: downpipes, etc. (turbo) <again>


What I'm trying to say, is remove all of the obstructions in the flow path
_first_, which will give you surprising results, even if there isn't
noticible difference on a dyno. 

>You know that?  News to me.

It's not.. Bad.. to simply bump up the boost, and provides the most bang
for buck. I'm looking to make the 'ol system the most efficient I can
_first_, nicely giving me more HP,Torque, less turbo lag, etc. without a
simple wastgate mod. 

Essentially, I want to set the car up FLY, especially in the low end. Then
when the boost kicks in..It's all over!
(Colorodoans: See I-70 Westbound)

>Sounds backwards to me.   I usually try to get as much HP as I can with 
>as little cash outlay as possible.

I agree, but i feel that simply increasing boost is missing out on a whole
section of mods than will make the turbo more responsive, incrase low-end
torque, and high-end HP -- all in addition to the bumped up turbo pressure.

>around, where there are many hundreds of thousands of the DSM cars.  
>Also, a greater proportion of DSM drivers are tweekers.

Boo hoo, I'm crying.

>> The 2.3 (~) motors are at least an order of magnitude over-engineered than

Precisly.. I've been lookinat the DSM 'recipe', and they recommend new
exhaust, downpipe, intercooler, etc.. --THEN--> jack up the boost. I tend
to trust them with the (relitavly) fragile engines they have.

>Haha, you can't be serious!?  That Audi motor is strong - that's it.   
>is not sophisticated, high tech or efficient.  The Mitsu motor was 

Of course...
>designed as a race engine from the very first.  it has twin cams, 4 
>valves per cyl, a very strong crank, good head flow, etc.  It also has 
>EFI, a good turbo installation, and overall, can make alot of hp.  Its 
>also smooth, which the old 5 banger is not.

Race engines are build to be rebuilt every xxx miles..

I'm not really dissing the Mitsu motor/system, but Audi engines are TOUGH,
and have a few cc's on the Mitsu. Perhaps we don't run te fastest 1/4 mile,
but were loaded down with leather, climate control,
                                            etc... It just seems the
"low-tech" audi is build to be cranked to >300hp, amd the DSM motor is
notorious for grenading...

brooks, replies welcome