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Re: kaboom!

>Sure sounds like a bad bomb, but one other statement bothers me - 'Sinks to
>the floor'.  Brake pedal should never sink to the floor unless something is
>wrong....sounds like either a leak in the brake system somewhere, bad
>rubber hose, or bad master cylinder.  Not to be an alarmist, but your
>situation sounds rather dangerous brake-wise..........SLM
Trust me...the car can still stop very nicely(I've proven it a few times
while commuting.)

I didn't mean "sink" as in goes to the floor with little effort(or "falls"
under your foot); you _really_ have to push _hard_ to get it to go to the
floor(we're talkin serious effort here), and when you do, it pulses with
the PS pump.


Brett Dikeman
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