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Re: Intercooler straps/a better fix

Tim Valencia wrote:
>   The cause of the high boost blowing of the end caps, is the throttle
> plate closing an dramatically increasing the boost pressure between
> the throttle plate an the compressor. This pressure spike neerly stops
> the compressor and causes fatigue and eventuly failure of the
> compressor, amongst blowing the end caps.
>   So instead of strapping the end caps try installing a blow off valve
> or a bypass valve. This will release the pressure surge when the
> Throttle plate closes and saves your cars components from unnessecery
> fatigue.

Another point that Scott J. brought up years ago, was the dash pot that
was added to the throttle linkage on the  MC engines. This dash pot
prevents the throttle valve from slamming shut and reduces the boost
spike somewhat.  My early 1986 5000 T did not have this dashpot
installed. Whereas my 88 5000TQ does. The dash pot is underneath the
aluminum cover where the throttle switch mounts.  

Scott Mo.
1989 200TQ
1988 5000TQ
1966 VW Beetle