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Re: Tiptronic Question

Andrew Duane, talking about an A6 with the 4 speed automatic, wrote:
>In a hopefully-unrelated question, I've noticed that when I leave
>it in Drive, if I am "coasting" along with little power, when the
>3rd-4th shift happens, the car sometimes selects neutral for between
>1/2 second and 5 seconds. Then it drops into 4th with a slight
>shudder (1/2 second) or a huge KER--THUNK!!!! (5 seconds) given
>the high revs from being in neutral.
>Anyone else with a slushbox seen this?

Yes, I have seen exactly this happen on my 95 A6Q.
Don't remember seeing it when the car was new, but after about 2
years and 30k miles I noticed it happening.
Doesn't seem to do it if the car is cold, needs to warm up first.

I reported this problem to the dealer twice, while the car was
still under warranty, and on both occasions they were not able
to duplicate the problem (not a big surprise.)
The car is now out of warranty.

I have gotten to the point where I can instinctively recongize
when it is going to happen, and I will let up off the gas a little
bit when it is thinking about shifting, to avoid that horrible sounding

While I am sending something to the list, let me add that a month or
two ago I was in Munich on a business trip and I picked up a repair
manual for my A6.  It's in German, of course, 320 pages plus 42 pages
of wiring diagrams. This book covers the 100/A6 from 11/90 to 3/97
(7/97 for Avant).  Covers a variety of engines including our 173 hp V6.

Cost: 38 DM
Author:  Etzold, H.R.
Title: So wird's gematch.  #73 in a series. Audi 100/A6.
ISBN:  3-7688-0702-9

Now all I have to do is practice my German reading lessons.


Franco Barber                   feb@febsun.cmhnet.org
95 A6Q w/Gamma CD mit RDS!      Columbus, Ohio  USA