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Re: Crazy Idea #2.

>Was thinking the other day about a 2.6 liter engine from that builder in
>Gilroy, CA, with a 10:1 compression ratio, a K24 turbo for rapid spool-up
>limited to about 8psi, a two-piece EM, Graydon's EFI and exhaust system, a
>late model single-pass cooler, ported and polished head.... nice, very

Great minds think alike!  Unfortunately, all of the 2.6L Eurospec motors are
built for 20v heads and all the pistons have valve reliefs cut into them
regardless of which CR you choose.  A year ago, I asked if they had any
plans to sell a 10v version and they said maybe if there was enough demand
for them ... might be worth a phone call or two if you're really serious
about this.

For my part, I purchased a used 2.5L Eurovan shortblock instead and have
started building a motor for my Ur-Q ... still haven't decided on what CR to
run, though.  Part of me wants to go for 10:1 for off-boost response; part
of me wants to stick with 7.5:1 so I can run lots of boost.  The sensible
part of me (the very small one in the middle) thinks maybe 8.5:1 or 9.0:1
might be a good compromise.

I'll be using a two-piece EM, one of Graydon's 3" downpipes and a gen-u-ine
RS2 comp turbo on the exhaust and am having a custom EFI system being built
for me in the UK and a custom Sparco intercooler built locally.  If and when
I ever decide on what to do with the pistons, it shouldn't be too long now
before it's running again ... well, that's the plan, anyway.  I sent the
crank off to be gone over yesterday and the block is off being hot-tanked as
I write this so at least I'm making a little progress...

(And, Yes, this means I've gotten over my "keep-it-stock" reservations ...
at least so long as there are no holes to be drilled, wires to be cut or
welds to be made!  This way, when I'm old and feeble and the market's fallen
madly in love with Ur-Qs, my great-grandchildren can restore it and make a

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