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>The 2.3 (~) motors are at least an order of magnitude over-engineered than
>a simple DSM (eclipse, talon) motor, so we should be able to do a little
>intake/exhaust work, and then a boost mod, to FLY by anything with less
>than >5.0 n/a engine; not to mention a 2.x MITSUBISHI turbo. 

If you look inside a DSM engine, you will find it far from simple...
Roller rockers, balance shafts etc.  With regard to engineering, I have had
far fewer problems with the Mitsubishis I've run over the years (to similar
mileages) than my current Audi, and I would say that the MBs are probably
better engineered.  (Having said that DSM gearboxes are crap).

This does not make me a unhappy Audi owner, as for a saloon, it is by far
the best handling I've ever driven, including much some newer cars (95
Lincoln Continental, 9x Vauxhall Cavalier etc.)

Mike Walder.

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