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Getting exhaust manifolds welded

     Just talked to a buddy of mine who runs a welding supply shop.  I'm going
to send him a pair of cracked manifolds for him to examine.  After looking
them over and doing some test-welding he'll give an estimate of what he'd
charge to set up to do these on a regular basis.  When he does I'll post the
information on how to contact him.
     Since he has a welding supply shop he has access to every conceivable
type of welder.  If he can't do it, one of his customer can.  And be able to
do it right.
     At the moment, if you think this is something that would interest you,
send me a note and I'll e-mail all interested parties as soon as I have a
response from him.

     Marty Liggins
     Imperial Potentate, Bucksnort Quattro Club (Un-Inc.)