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OSCARGUM: Results of Junkyard adventure

On Sun, 24 May 1998 14:37:12 -0500 Bob Mansker <oscargum@datasync.com>
>Found 2 headlight assemblys for my 87 5KQ for $10.50 each (includes 
>markers) WOW.

Do you now have an extra driver's side light you'd be willing to sell?

>Does a non-Quattro have 4 lug wheels??

non-quattro, non-turbo have 4
turbo and/or quattro have 5

>How do you identify the Year of this Audi??

A couple of ways.  Easiest is the tag inside driver's door frame.
Next is the emissions sticker under the hood.  It will tell what year EPA
requirement was met.  Next is VIN.  I'm not sure which digit but one is
year of manufacture.

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