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Re: Technical paper on ABS and Tor*en

Dunno 'bout urqs, but my '87 200 TQA is non torsen, and i have an
accelerometer (i think) under the back seat.


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Date: 11. maj 1998 20:29
Subject: Technical paper on ABS and Tor*en

>In message <01BD7CBF.C95C2960@gpowell.acacianet.com> quattro writes:
>> I recall that early 100% mech locking diff quattros have a different
>> braking system Vs non qs, something relative to the side-to-side or
>> front-to-rear hydraulic plumbing...
>> Anyone know the details on the 'why'?
>> Do Tors*n qs use the same system as the older qs or something again >
different? Why?
>Interesting thought.  The Torsen-equipped ur-quattro has a longtitudinal
>accelerometer in the ABS system.  However, the "Torsen-equipped
>ur-quattro" has quite a few things that the non-Torsen car has not.
>Is the accelerometer just a "running improvement", or is it associated
>with the adoption of the centre Torsen?  Do late-model cars without
>centre Torsens still have accelerometers?
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