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Boost for 5000 and 200

Robert I just added a 200 turbo fwd to my stable and I would like to
know a bit more about this mod, ie, which wire to clip, etc.


Matthew Twigg
87 4kcsq 78k
89 200t 122k

QC #5442

Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 08:51:43 -0500
From: "Robert Myers" <rmyers@inetone.net>
Subject: Re: ... poor poor Rusty ...

At 11:56 PM 2/10/98 -0800, you wrote:
>> I'd like to see what you can do to Rusty for half the cost of a WG
>> spring and an EPROM that'll put you anything more than even farther
>> behind!  Then after we're done there, we can go up to the Sierra and
>> again on the snow!
>My challenge: improve horsepower by 25% over stock using less than
>BTW, you have to buy any tool you use with that $100 too.  ;)

OK, Orin, I'll accept that challenge.  Now, does your e-mail self
in five seconds?

Buy several steel washers of the same OD as your wastegate spring.
one or more, to taste, washer between the wastegate spring and its upper


Cost:  depends on the washers but $0.10 each seems likely.  Perhaps 2 or


Buy a small soldering iron, a small package of solder, a zener diode,
and a
resistor, and a long hose clamp.

Remove the ECU from the car and open it up.  Clip and remove one lead
between the main board and the pressure transducer daughterboard.
one that is is well known.  Ask if you must.)  Solder the resistor into
space thus made.  Solder the zener diode between the resistor lead and
another pin five positions away.  Reinstall the now modified ECU.
the hose clamp around your intercooler so that it reinforces the end cap

clamps which hold the caps onto the body of the IV.

Go for a test drive.  YEEEE HAAAW!!!!

Replace your blown intercooler if you didn't install the hose clamp.

$ 0.30  Washers
$ 4.00  8 mm Wrench to remove nuts holding the wastegate cap.
$10.00  soldering iron
$ 2.00  solder
$ 3.00  zener
$ 0.50  resister
$ 4.00  hose clamps
$23.80  total

Granted, I have not researched the pricing for some of these items but
there is still about $75 of your $100 budget to work with.

Oh!  You were talking about improving power from a Rustang!  Waaail
I answered for an Audi turbo.