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Sports air filters, '87 90q

Hi all,

I know this has come up recently, but I can't recall seeing the definitive

I'm thinking of replacing my standard air filter element (dirty) with a
sports element. No air box mods, no cone filters, just a washable air

My questions:

The issue of dirt entering the engine is my main concern. I've been told
that that's no problem with the full filter elements. Is that correct, or
does anyone have personal evidence to the contrary?

I'm not interested in hp gains- it's more than fast enough already for my
race between traffic lights. I am however interested in more economical
running and a longer lifespan of the filter, and (even) more flexibility
wouldn't be a bad thing either. Is that viable or is it just another
unsubstantiated claim?

Can anyone with a car like mine (for the US: '88 MY, type 89/B3, 90 quattro
10V, 2309cc w/ Bosch electronic injection) give any advice as to which
filter to use (or not to use, if that's the case)?

TIA very much...


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

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