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Re: sexism

> <P>Also, unfortunately I don't think that it's regulated in the US by law
> that you have have to stay in the right lane unless passing like it is
> in Germany.&nbsp; This is because of the strange layout of some expressways
> in urban areas where the right lane is reserved in spots for exiting the
> expressway (like in exits spaced closely together.)&nbsp; It's common sense
> of course and most of the time, people tend to stay right, but I realize
> that problems occur especially in 3 and 4 lane situations in heavy traffic.&nbsp;

First, please get rid of the html.

As for keeping right, in WA, it _is_ the law... "Keep right except to pass"
and "Slower traffic keep right".  Just wish they would enforce it.

Unfortunately, the freeway designers around here can't tell their left
from their right and have entrance and exit ramps on the left...

On my commute I get to enter I-5 from the left and leave from the right
within a mile, crossing about 4 lanes... and they managed to make it
that way in  _both_ directions.