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Re: Brmm! BRMMM!!

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>

>One point on exchange heads - it was _so_ complete (all studs, all
>valvegear) that I completely missed the absence of the screw-in plug
>on the back of the head.  I wound the temperature sensors out of the
>old head and wound them into the new one without noticing that the
>vast hole next to the one on the back of the head was unfurnished.
>And a curse on the stupid Kraut who designed that plug - a 6mm Allen
>socket is not enough to wind out a steel 14mm thread that's been sitting
>in alloy for ten years.  I had to use some _serious_ persuasion.

Good old N 016 027 5 & N 013 814 9, I know them well. At least you still had
the old head. You will probably remember my urgent requests last August
about "what the h*ll fits in that hole?", by the time I discovered that the
plug was missing from the new head (add the coolant, wonder what the
splashing sound is) the old one had arrived in Germany. I've still got the
cut-down 14x1.25mm bolt and washer that I used for 500 miles until VAG could
supply replacements.

Jim Haseltine