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Re: downpipes, etc. (turbo) <again>

Brooks, are we just a little bit biased here???  Before I attempt to
answer your questions, go to 
I've personally met the owners of and seen the first 9 cars on
that list.  Let the numbers do the talking.

There is no need to upgrade the other components before you up the boost,
just make sure everything is running correctly first.  The reason for all
the additional intake and exhaust modifications is to ease the flow of air
into and out of the engine to make it simple.  Using the stock turbo,
adding K&N, upper intercooler pipe, downpipe, test pipe, and exhaust cut
the turbo lag in half, and gave me much more power.  Mileage even

The upper intercooler pipe you mention replaces the stock just under 2" in
diameter combination rubber hoses and pipe to 2.5" - 2.75" pipe with
smoother bends.  This again helps with the boost.  The equivelent on the
audi is the accordian hose between the intercooler and throttle body.
Room for improvement, yes, easy to improve, no.

	'89 200TQ, QLCC chip and bypass valve sitting on shelf
	'86 5000CSTQ
	Former '91 Talon TSI AWD, 16G turbo, all the exhaust and intake
		work,  and other mods...