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Spontaneous Windshield Breakage?!?

	Today I returned to my car after leaving it parked for 4 hours to find the
windshield had broken in front of the passenger, vertically in a fairly
straight line about 6 inches, then the break turned towards the center 90
deg. for another 8 inches.  Absolutely not there when we left the car -
both the passenger and I confirm this.

	Anybody ever heard of anything like this?

	91 V8, windshield is 1 1/4 yrs old (previous one replaced after minor
accident where loose interior item hit windhield in sudden stop).

	Can this possibly be NORMAL, or does it maybe mean something more
significant could be wrong?  Car was parked in a fairly remote place where
nothing could have fallen on it or anyone could likely have damaged it
inadvertently.  Tres bizarre.

	Bryan Kamerer