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Re: memorial day, small towns, and Audis.

EFergu6410 <EFergu6410@aol.com> wrote:

>The Cabrio has the 2.8L 12v V6 good for 172hp.  Still slow, tho:(  Think of it
>as an open top, slow Coupe.  Personally, I like it (could be that it's based
>on the Coupe).

I like it as well, not as a competitor for the Z3, but as a luxury open-top
cruiser. And who's going to break the sound barrier with the top down
anyway? Cabrios are intended for cruising, not for low-flying.

It's stylish, well-engineered and well-built, not to mention a nice change
from all the other cabrios on the market. Oh, and it probably helps that we
can get it with a manual transmission here...

If they were cheaper used (still somewhere above $18k here) and insurable,
I'd consider one. Thanks to global warming, we get so many nice days here
that an open-top car is a nice thing to have. Pity, no AWD. But nutcases
like Kim Collins can fix that...


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