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exhaust hanger, 5KTQ

I spend a few hours under my car on Saturday messing with the joint in
the exhaust at the exit of the cat. There is an exhaust hanger there
which is bolted to the transmission. Is there anyway to get this damn
thing off without dropping the tranny? I bought replacement parts from
Carlson and had them all spray painted, and ready to put in. There
is one piece of the hanger that has a bolt attached. This bolt is long
enough that I can't back it out without hitting the tunnel wall. The
bracked bolted to the transmission is hard (if not impossible to remove)
with the transmission in place.
As a result, I've replaced one of the two metal parts of the hanger (as
well as the donut and bolts/washers/nuts). So, if there are any helpful
hints for replacing that other part, I'll dive under there again and
go at it! What harm will come from only having one hanger piece in place?

BTW, I'm doing MY timing belt and front crank seal this weekend (did the
pump a couple of months ago!). I'm going to buy some pipe to loosen the
bolt. How critical is the tightening torque? I'll guess, and it will
probably stay together, but....