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Re: please help

Oh my goodness...

Look who showed up to play ;-).  Please update on YOUR 85 urq progress...

Your sentimentality towards this post indicates that you didn't get rid of the Corrado (Scirocco?) yet huh?

Derek Daily
90 CQ
86 VW qsw (TBelt&H20 pump today)

P.S.  Finally had some rather entertaining pictures developed.  The VW metallic green really clashes with the white and black paint schemes in front (not to mention the flashing red and orange on top.  Ugh!)

>>> Ray Bonnett <swiller@pacbell.net> - 5/23/98 12:36 PM >>>
David L. Cooper wrote:

> Corrado, Shmelado. Dump it!

HEY, now. Don't be dissin' the Corrado VR6. 

That car will serve up many an Audi's ass on a plate. Arguably the best 
VW ever brought to N. America.