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RE: 85 URQ for sale - how many 85 ur-q?

>The '85 Ur-Q being advertised at $24,500 was previously advertised in 
the Quattro Quarterly at $32,500 ... I'll let you draw your own 
conclusions from here as to the value of these cars today.

still not sure any conclusions to be drawn here, show me a transaction 

>BTW, I was recently asked to come up with an amount for which I'd sell 
MY 85 ... since this had never really crossed my mind, I really wasn't 
prepared to do so but eventually decided that an offer of $10k would 
automatically be a refused and an offer of $25k would be immediately 

Damn, another realist in our midst.  The not for sale at any price line 
gets old.  It insults my intelligence to think that others are incapable 
of figuring out nicer cars can be containered from Europe and 
Federalized for a lot less than "any price"

>Anything in between would be the subject of much contemplation,
especially so long as that low-mileage '89 944 Turbo S is still for sale 


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