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NHIS with COMSCC last Sunday

Sunday at NHIS, COM decided that despite my 
1983 urq's meager 2.2 liter engine, I no longer would
be driving with Group 2 (Experienced Small Bore),
as I was too fast (trace of immodestly here), so into 
Group 1 (Experienced Large Bore) I go. 

Well, it is good to get a dose of fear running
through the veins, and since my first run group
was 1:30pm, I had plenty of time to look over
the REAL RACE CARS, including the (8) 600hp
Cobras, the 16" high LOLA, the open wheeled 
Formula Ford, and all the trick Mustang, Vette and 
racing 930s and M3s I'd be sharing the track with.
(There was also a Busch series Buick, but he drove
in one of the student groups).

Guess what, it wasn't so bad at all. Sure, a couple
more cars passed me than usual, but running with
the big boys pushed me to a personal best. The
video jammed halfway through, so I haven't reviewed
the laps yet, but Bob Blake stopwatched me at 1:23.3,
which is 4 seconds faster than last year, but still
3.5 seconds off the ST2 class record (S oval N Chicane). 
I have a feeling that those last 3 sec will be pretty tough.

At the end of the last rungroup all the dash lights
came on, and I found that the alternator belt had
taken its leave, but the battery kept me running home
and to the shop.

One really neat video clip, as soon as the camcorder
repair shop extricates it, will be the Formula Ford losing it
and spinning going up the turn 3-4 hill RIGHT IN FRONT OF
ME. I had to take evasive action, while looking rearward
to make sure that I didn't get pushed into him from
behind. I'll bet we will be able to see him lift after he starts
to get sideways, then exit the track backwards. Luckily
he didn't hit anything.