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Re: RE: Disc Brake kits

fast eddie sez:
>In a message dated 5/25/98 5:20:00 PM, frankbauer@thevine.net writes:
>>it shows us all the class we have come to expect from you in your awfully
>>short visit with us...
>Easy there Frank, I've seen your post in the last 2 years......  Arrogant
>prick aren't you?  I've been here on the Q-list since it started......  Far
>longer than you.

steady there yourownself, "eddie".  i've read 99% of everything posted
to this list for 3 years now and i don't recall anything by you until
your spastic entrance last week.  i am doubtful you are patient enough
to wait 3 years to bless us with your prose.  and you obviously haven't
been reading much during that time...


ps - btw, arrogance is hardly my style.
you must be confusing me with another prick.

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