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URQ jobs & probs

Hello Q List

As a relatively new "q" lister & urq owner, (early Feb 98) I have just
carried out my first batch of essential maintenance.

New Disks & Pads all round + sorted out the non existant handbrake, which
was totaly seized up but is now superb.

I thought this would sort out a nasty vibration on the steering when
braking heavy, But despite being a big improvement in the braking, the bad
vibes are still there.

Any Ideas, Suspension Bushes ?, Steering joint's ?etc etc.

I now need to sort out the electric mirrors, (wire broken between door &
+  fault on the screen washers, Wipers work, Pump works, They just wont
work together.

Require a new back box for the exhaust system, Any reasonable priced
suppliers in Northern England ?.

All suggestions gratefully received.

Nigel Raby

82 urq, 108.000 miles ???
86 SAAB 900 turbo, 200.010 miles & now waiting for gearbox