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Subject: Re: 4kqs Exhaust

You wrote:


Perhaps I'm a little late posting to this thread; however, I though I'd at

least share some of my experience and thoughts.

The OEM exhaust system (non SS) on my '87 4Kcsq lasted almost exactly 6

years and 120,000 miles.


I got just a bit more out of my original system, as well.

The Blaufergnugen replacement system lasted almost 2 years and about 40,000

miles. My style of driving did not change.  I emailed the folks at Blau

about this but did not receive a reply. 

To my way of thinking, the Blau replacement system is  (after you add in

the costs and hassles of installation) at least as expensive as the factory

piece if not more.  And aftermarket products like the Stainless Steel

Scorpion (no experience with these) start looking like a bargain at around

$800 if you plan to keep the car.

The replacement system sold by the factory was a german Leistritz unit.  A
popular OEM replacement is made by ANSA.  The ANSA is available for about $275
if you shop around, and the Leistritz is about $300 or so.  I tried the ANSA;
it rusted out within about 20K miles.  I replaced it with a Leistritz which
lasted more than 70k miles with no problems.  Try german parts and restoration
as a source.  Still, to get better than factory performance, you need a
different system.
HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com