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4k leather was :Junkyards in Seattle Area

This is classic irony. For over 6 months I tried to sell my 86 4kq's red 
leather interior for $100-$150. Lots of emails, but no one bought it. So a 
couple months ago I cut the passenger seat into an office chair, and ripped 
the back seat up to donate to people doing repairs. Ain't life a bitch? But 
to answer your question Jeremy, yes, 4k's did come with nice leather, and 
the door panels are really nice (I have mine in my 87 now).

Anyway, Brian Link has reminded me that I'm dragging my heels on sending 
out that leather. He was one of two people who requested some. If the other 
person is still with us/alive/in need, please drop me a line.


PS That same 86 4kq still has an engine, tranny, doors, front bumper, and 
full suspension/brakes/subframes... for sale, all cheap. Please help me 

Date:	Tue, 26 May 1998 12:37:53 -0700
From:	Jeremy Palenchar <jeremyp@mindspring.com>
Subject:	Junkyards in Seattle Area

Hey List!
I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge of good junkyars in the Seattle area. 
 Also, someone mentioned putting a leather interior in to a late 80's model 
4KQ. Were these cars sold with leather? Does anyone have a leather interior 
for an '87 4KQ they want to sell? And how hard is it to swap out?