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Attention Rick: Intrax Springs

OK, so im going back and forth here on the Intrax and H&R.  OK, you know 
that im going to have the strut brace and koni yellows as shocks.  If i 
go with the Intrax springs, how much is the car lowered and what are the 
rates on the springs compared to stock?

Conversely, do you know the spring rates on the H&R?  i cant remember if 
i asked you that.

And if i do decide on those Intrax springs, do you still have that set 
that you were telling me about and if not how much woudl a new set run me?

thanks in advance


Michael Sheridan Williams
ICQ# 11740998

1985 4000 S Quattro 175,000+ miles, Pearl White, Koni Yellows/H&R, strut 
brace, Sport 8000 Tires, K&N, momo Monte Carlo
1986 Oceanic Blue, 4000CS Quattro--Parting Out(ask if you want anything)
My father's: 1986 4000 CS Quattro--Graphite 161,000 miles