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RE: Eurospec long block I5 engines

So they refused to let you take a look at their shop? Most places that do quality work just LOVE to show off the clean floors, well-lighted work areas, state-of-the-art machinery and cool customer HW in progress. Weird.


I checked the Eurospec ad again and they do list a 2.6L for both the 10V
and 20V.  I called them a few weeks ago to get prices... which they were
unable to supply, and found them to be not... uh... customer oriented. 
Their facility is only about 30 miles from here and I thought I'd drop by
to have a look.  No deal.  You'd thought I'd asked for a free engine.  They
may very well do good work, but one will have to exert some effort to find

Regards, Gross

> Been thinkin' the same thing too, but 2.5L 10V NA for the 84 4KQ race
car.  Eurospec does have the 10V engines in 2.3, 2.5 and 2.6L. My guess is
that the 2.6 is a stroker and that's why I'm interested in the 2.5L (lower
cost and better reliability). Eurospec has never responded to my info
requests via email so you might want to try the Bat Phone: 408-848-4205.
Let us know what you find out. Big ad in the back of the May issue of
SportsCar magazine, page 33.
> -glen

> >Was thinking the other day about a 2.6 liter engine from that builder in
> >Gilroy, CA, with a 10:1 compression ratio, a K24 turbo for rapid
> >limited to about 8psi, a two-piece EM, Graydon's EFI and exhaust system,
> >late model single-pass cooler, ported and polished head.... nice, very
> >nice.  
> Great minds think alike!  Unfortunately, all of the 2.6L Eurospec motors
> built for 20v heads and all the pistons have valve reliefs cut into them
> regardless of which CR you choose.  A year ago, I asked if they had any
> plans to sell a 10v version and they said maybe if there was enough
> for them ... might be worth a phone call or two if you're really serious
> about this.