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Looking to buy _soon_

I am looking to buy a 1989 or 1990 200 Quattro, with all of the service
documented (the important stuff), and I am looking to buy one ASAP. I'm
looking at a couple in denver, but haven't checked them out yet - I'm going
down Thursday. 

I'm also interested in Coupe Q's, and 20v 90s. Or an affordable V8, or '91
20v turbo. What can I say, I'm an audi-guy.

So, if anyone on this list is selling, drop me a line, and I'll check it
out. I'm not going to drive 1 thousand miles to check one out at a dealer,
but I will fly to check one out by a Q-lister.

Thanks for your time!


P.S. A Mitsu Galant VR-4 is also on my hitlist.