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Re: Climate Control Temp Flap Fix

>Got desperate this weekend and dove into the center dash to get
>some cold air back into the system.  I used Dan Simoes write-up
>to get to the temp flap motor.  Prior to this I did the diagnosis to
>find out the motor is not going to it's commanded position.  The
>long and short of it is, I now have nice cold A/C.  Until I get a
>motor ordered (or fix the present one) I fashened a coat hanger
>onto the temp flap lever and ran it out to the passenger's side
>footwell... Manual control for now, but it works great!

I just replaced the flap temp. regulator in my V8q two weeks ago.

I had it done i Germany and the regulator cost 800 DM + local tax. And
then the workshop had to be paid for the job. so it is quite an
expensive item to replace.

John Torset
Amiga 4000
Audi V8 quattro