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5-cylinder "torque plate" ...

Although I have access to a pretty good machine shop locally, they don't
have a torque plate suitable for Audi's 5-cylinder block.

They'll be more than happy to MAKE one for me, of course, but big hunks of
steel don't come cheaply these days (nor does the process of turning them
into smaller hunks of steel) nd since I don't have plans to build more than
a few of these motors over the course of my life, I think it might be more
cost-effective to ship my block to a shop that already has one and let them
bore it instead.

I've been given several leads on this from various folks over the last few
months but since I'm pretty busy these days (and somewhat lazy, to boot) I
thought that before I start making long-distance calls, I'd check here first
to see whether anyone has BTDT for their motor.

Barring that, is anyone interested in splitting the cost of having one made
and/or to pay a nominal rental charge to borrow it?  If so, let me know...
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