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Fun This weekend in the Ur-q

Had a fun experience in the '84 Ur-q.  My best friend got married this past
weekend and I was in the wedding party and of course I wated till Saterday
morning to find al the parts to my Tux.  Well needless to say I could not find
the bow tie.  So there I was after finding a tie driving down a fairly open
two lane road when I see a new mustang comeing very quickly from behind.  I
said ok no prob this should be fun.  well I was caught behind a bit ofn
traffic so I had to wait as the Mustang passed by I noticed it was a new SVT
Cobra at which point I was thinking to myself that there might be a bit of a
poublem keeping up with him.  Well I got behind him at the next light and when
it turned he took off big time.  Let me tell you that car hauled a*s.  When we
get to the next light I pulled up next to him and told him that I was
impressed in how well that car moved.  Thats when he smiled and told me that
he just picked up the car after having a blower put in it.  and it is putting
out about 400HP.  That would explain how he got away from me so fast.  Well
the light turned green again and to dropped the clutch and took off again.
Going into third gear he left two 20' tracks from the rear wheels.  I have to
say it was quite impressive.  There is something to be said about American
iron that is blown.  Not my taste but still looks like great fun