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Re: Eurospec long block I5 engines

The Eurovan block is 5/8" taller than our Audi's. It has a 95.5 mm stroke
and rods that are about 15 mm longer. To install one of these you will have
problems closing the hood on a 4kq and perhaps need a custom down pipe for
the exhaust. The cam in the Eurovan was designed for low end grunt and the
CR is only 8.5:1. 

For performance you may want to use the Audi I5 block with the 95.5 crank,
the standard 144 mm rods (though you may have some problems with journal
sizes and I can't remember if it is piston or crank side) and the pistons
VW tuners used with the old 94.5 mm stroker cranks. This will bring the
piston tops an extra 0.5 mm higher in the cylinder effectively raising the
compression to over 11:1 with 10:1 pistons. So you will be checking piston
deck height and either trimming a small amount of material off the tops
and/or have a quality head job done and unshroud the valves to increase the
combustion chamber volume. You will run a knock sensor and forget turbo
unless you find some pistons for a lower CR.  With an NA motor (done
correctly) you could look at an easy 180 hp (if there is enough fuel) and
with the right cam 200 + hp at a higher rpm ...say about 6300.  Or, for
less money you could buy and install an MC & chip for an easy 200+ hp.

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> Subject: re: Eurospec long block I5 engines
> Date: Wednesday, May 27, 1998 11:56 AM

> Hey, someone wrote in to EC one time long ago, talking about their plans 
> to use the Eurovan block to build a motor for an Audi.  They mentioned 
> various reasons why it couldn't be done or what difficult to do.  What
> the differences between those blocks and our beloved Audi blocks?  What 
> mods needs to happen?  Is this a viable upgrade option for those with an 
> NA car?