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Re:Eurospec longblock I5 engines

Ron Wood <vw-audisport@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> I deal with Eurospec quite a bit through the shop & have found them to be
> fairly good to deal with. The motors in question are built around the
> 95.5mm cranks from the 2.5 Eurovan motor using either cast or forged
> pistons in the larger bore sizes. I can check price & availibilty if
> anyone is interested.

I'm curious about price and availability.

Did they ever fix that fueling problem that the red Coupe Quattro had in 
that EC article?  Why was there a fueling problem anyway?  It would seem 
that the air flow meter would supply as much fuel as the motor needed, up 
to a point.  Was that point reached or something?

Since this stroker motor uses a Eurovan crank, it sounds like something 
anyone could do on their own for less than the $1995 cost that was 
originally advertised.  What's the value-added?