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Re: contact info for BBS Rims sought

On Wed, 27 May 1998 HAREST@allenbrook.iix.com wrote:

> I have a set of 6x15 BBS rims in a 4x108 pattern.  They were originally gold
> in color, and have a "busy" basket or honeycomb type design.  They are
> visually similar to the gold BBS rims found on some VW/Audi's in a 14" size.
> I'm trying to source another, as one is less than round.  Does anyone out
> there have a phone number or website to contact BBS directly?

I have always found:

to be a nice comprehensive guide to tire/wheel manufacturers and

In that list, there are a couple places that you might want to check out,
http://www.bbs-ag.com - BBS AG
http://www.CapitalWheels.com/ - Capital factory wheels -- OEM wheel source


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