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Re:installing windshield/back glass trim

	It's not too hard to get this stuff out without wrecking it. I pulled most 
of the black pieces from my 86 4kq before I junked the car, and they're 
still useable. Couldn't you just pull them and spray paint them black? It 
worked for my door handles...

87 4kq

Date:	Wed, 27 May 1998 11:06:17 -0400
From:	HAREST@allenbrook.iix.com
Subject:	installing windshield/back glass trim

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Hello all,
A minor pet peeve is going to get me into trouble.  A recently acquired
4kq has chrome plastic trim surrounding/securing the windshield and back
glass.  Sorry, but this just screams butt ugly and has to go.  I have a
replacement set of black plastic trim, but the trick is how to install the
new trim.

Anyone out there have any trick solutions to installing the windshield
trim into the windshield gasket?

For those who have never examined this type of trim piece, picture a "T". 
 The top of the "T" is domed, and is the visible portion of the trim.  The 
trunk of the "T" is inserted into a groove in the windshield gasket, and 
the end resembles an arrow head or a barb, which keeps the trim in place 
once inserted.  Each piece of trim is curved to fit one of the four 
windshield corners, which means that even if you start one end of the trim 
and slide it down and into the windshield gasket, you have problems when 
you reach the curved portion or the other straight section.
Oh well.  Trying not to pull my hair out, but the chrome has got to go!
* Stott

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