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audi tt - details

the new autocar mag has extensive details about the new tt coupe.

it will be released in september.  designed to be a "sports car" and to compete
with the boxster.  autocar very complimentary, stating that it is significatnly
better than the z3, and will give the boxster a good run.  they did not,
however, drive it.

other intersting detail is in the quattro system.  it is *not* the synchro
system (vc-based) from vw, but a new electronically-controlled multi-plate
clutch (from haldex), which adjusts drive 100:0% and back front to rear.  bad
news for those who think that awd is a static 50:50 torque split.  this is the
system which will be used in the 215hp s3 released later in the year.  not
details on the rear diff.  it does sound like the original porker system before
they got all cost-conscious...

the tt looks exactly like the show version with the exception of a rear quarter
light which is a nice touch.  interior is as with the show car, and looks very
nice indeed.  2 seater only, with a rear parcel shelf.

two models mentioned:
1) 225hp w/quattro
1.8 5v (kkk) turbo, 225hp, 207 lb ft (2,200-5,000), twin intercoolers.
17" x 7.5, 225/45 wheels and tyres
ventilated discs f/r
weight 1200kg.
multiple air-bags.

2) 180hp fwd or quattro
1.8 5v (kkk) turbo, 180hp, 140 lb ft (1,950-4,700)
16" x 7, 205/55 wheels and tyres
ventilated discs front, solid rear.

overall, a very different design.  wouldn't buy one personally, but i'm sure a
queue will form from the boxter/z3/slk buying brigade.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q