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Re: 90 coupe Q Question

I have an AUDI Engineering Fact Book (interesting reading) for the 1990 80,
80Q, 90, 90Q, and the CQ and it lists 164 hp @ 6000 rpm / 157 lbs-ft torque
@ 4500 rpm.

The last NADA I looked at had them listed in the 10k - 13k range.  I don't
know if that is accurate, but I wouldn't even consider selling mine at any
where near 7900.  I personally love the car and plan some semi-serious
upgrading in the future.  

Hope it helps.

Scott Wood
1990 CQ (118k)
Charlotte, NC

> From: Ckpcnp@aol.com
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: 90 coupe Q Question
> Date: Wednesday, May 27, 1998 9:55 PM
> I found a 90 coupe quattro fully loaded with 135000 miles on it and it is
> good condition.  The guy has all records of maintenance and service, oil
> changes done religiously.  It has a small bit of rust on the corner of
> rear quarter, but not bad.  He is asking 7900.  Is that a good deal? 
> what was the HP for the 2.3L that year?
> Thanks,
> Craig