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Re;V6 cats, red lines on speedo, Bomb question.

My 57 bug had those lines, I always understood they were the shift
points. BTW, it was only 2 yrs old when I got it. Same onall my 356s,
etc. They did seem to want to be shifted about there, so the story has
some credibility. On to the cats, I have a source that makes nice cats,
good prices fit right, require a core. We`ve had only one 90 V6 get one,
a left as I recall. We started using these guys when we needed one for a
528e (forgive me Lord, for I have sinned),and it was over 1K cheaper
wholesale. That`s 1K!  Gave her a break and still did OK. I don`t have
the prices here at home, but you can call me at 805 925 1993 and maybe I
can help. Were a shop, so I`m gonna make a couple bucks, but I think I
can be of some help here. Now, on to my question. I have an early 90 90
20v. Blau tells me that I can use the later bomb in my car, at a
substantial savings over the early one, which they can`t even supply. At
a savings of over a hundred bucks, I`m interested. The dealer can`t
verify this. If It`ll work, and be safe, I`m ready to go for it. Anyone
BTDT? Any technical opinions/reasons?  I really don`t want to do
something here that will cause a problem for my significant other to and
from work, or put her in the ditch or in the backseat of another car or
whatever. I can, if need be just keep on driving w/o the thing. Talk to
me! I thank you for your time. John Larson <jdlarson@ix.netcom.com>