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Re: Braking the Ceramic Stuff out of my CAT's...

I don't think that they did this until the A4's.  As far as I can tell
there's no mention of any O2 sensors after the cat for the 92-95 90's. 
I haven't seen any, either (though I never really looked for one).

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Ti Kan wrote:
> Elliott Potter writes:
> > > Is there any way to break all the ceramic crap out of the catalytic
> > > converters...  I own a 93 100CSQ and wanna kill the cat's becuase my
> > > drivers side cat is dying....  also do you know any who'd do it for me?
> >
> > Don't do it quite yet (unless you really want to) because so many people
> > are having them break there might be another recall.
> > And ACE hardware sells this *really big* drill bit........
> >
> > > And also how hard is it to do it and will is screw up the electronics that
> > > monitor exhaust?
> >
> > Shouldn't, I don't think there are any electronics back that far.
> I don't know about your vintage, but recent Audis (both 2.8 V6 and 1.8T)
> have oxygen sensors *before and after* the catalytic convertor (yes, four
> sensors total on the V6).  This is to provide the computer with information
> about whether the cat is working.  On these cars, a failed cat will
> generate a fault and stored in fault memory.
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