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FW: Sunvisors

Several list members asked that I forward responses to the sunvisor
question.  Here is one potential fix...

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> >Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 15:00:14 -0600
> >From: "Baxter, Dale" <Dale.Baxter@ppcc.cccoes.edu>
> >Subject: Sunvisors
> >
> >I am not currently on the list but I would appreciate some advice as
> I
> >was unable to find anything in the archives.  Does anyone have a fix
> for
> >drooping sunvisors.  The sunvisors on both my '87 and '89 lower
> >themselves about half way and will not stay in the stored position.
> If
> >anyone has the fix, please e-mail me directly at
> baxter@ppcc.cccoes.edu.
> >Thanks for your help.
> >
> >Dale
> (Q-L cc:)
> Dale,
> About a year ago (I think) I fixed the same problem in the '89 100Q I
> had at 
> the time, and posted the fix to the Q-list. (Unfortunately, I lost my
> writeup 
> in a computer crash since then.) Basically, the visors just pull off
> the rods 
> that hold them. The problem (you likely have) is that the metal "C"
> clip 
> (within the visor) that grabs the mounting rod has broken its back, so
> that 
> there's no pressure/friction. What I did was to find the ends of the
> clip 
> within the visor - the ends go past the rod about 3/4 inch - drilled a
> small 
> hole through them in order to screw in a sheet metal screw, catching
> both 
> sides. Then slip the mounting rod back in, and adjust the screw for
> proper 
> pressure. Note: that clip is very tough metal, like those black metal 
> office-clips, so "endeavor to persevere."  Take your time, and it
> doesn't look 
> too bad in the end (though I wouldn't do in a "really nice" car).
> E-me if you 
> have questions. 
> Frank M. 
> '90 200 TQ (for sale, but barely) 
> '88 Mazda 323 GTX