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Re: Eurospec long block I5 engines

> In a message dated 98-05-27 13:58:13 EDT, you write:
> << Hey, someone wrote in to EC one time long ago, talking about their
> plans to use the Eurovan block to build a motor for an Audi.  They mentioned
>  various reasons why it couldn't be done or what difficult to do.  What
>  are the differences between those blocks and our beloved Audi blocks? 
>  What mods needs to happen?  Is this a viable upgrade option for those
>  with an NA car?
>   >>
> That would be me, I have done the swap and am open to any
> comments/questions..


OK, I've got some questions.  Is there any difference in the bearing 
journal sizes?  Rod big ends, or main bearings?  Do you use the stock 
rods, or rods from the Eurovan block?  How about pistons?

Well, just tell me all of it!  (Did you have "fueling problems"?  Was EC 
mag correct?  Are you still running it?  What?)