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Re: history of metallic side trim?

> LOACESQ@aol.com writes:
> > Does anybody know the story behind the metallic side trim that covers the
> > lower half of the doors and has a four-rings logo?  I have it on my 89 200q.
> > Was it a dealer/factory trim option, or is it just an aftermarket accessory
> > applied in later life to cover up dents and corrosion?
> They are definitely aftermarket.  And an eyesore too, IMHO.  
No, they may not be aftermarket.  All Special Edition(olympic),
5000cstq's had this.  Chrome, with painted multicolored rings and a sort
of tilted gradient thing:
/// // /

Wouldn't surprise me if there was an option for this on the 89 200q.  Is
the car a "special edition"?  Ie, what's the interior? It's also possible
the guards were "stolen" off a 5k special edition and put on your car,
since it would be a perfect fit.

I hope I never see an Eddie Bauer AllRoad(but you know they'll do it
eventually, just to spite me) :|