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RE: Catalytic Converters for V8

> Cats?  Why would a V8 need cats?  I heard from somebody that a V8 will
> easily
> pass emissions without them.  Not me of course, but somebody.  ;-)
Here in California the fact that it passes the emission requirements is only
partial credit.  If they can prove that an emissions related item is
malfunctioning then you have to get it fixed.  If there is any evidence of
tampering then there is no limit to the amount that you must pay to make it
right ...

That said ... it doesn't seem to be just Audi that has a problem with cats
... once again my friend with the '89 T-Bird SC has had similar problems
with rattly cats ... and like some of the newer Audis the cats are
integrated into the downpipes ... making use of generic replacements
difficult if not impossible ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)