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re: How to check diff locks?

On Thursday, May 28, 1998  1:17 PM, SBABBAR @ UNIX (Sachelle Babbar) 
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>Subject: How to check diff locks?
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>I started shopping around for my new 5000csT/q. I was wondering one thing:
>how do I know if the differentials are actually locking? Will I hear a
>click, or would the lights not go on if the diff doesn't lock? How are
>they actuated? Engine vacuum? Remote pump? What are the locations of the
>associated parts (lines, wires, etc.)?
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The easiest way I know is to activate the differentials make sure that 
the both lights come on and drive it on pavement in a tight turn. If the 
locks are working you will clearly feel and hear the resistance of the 
all the tires being forced to turn at the same speed. Vacuum lines goes 
to the top of the transmission from the engine.

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